2023 Bouquet Subscriptions-
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Bouquet subscriptions are a way to enjoy luscious local flowers from spring through autumn. Our bouquet subscriptions feature the best of what is growing on the farm and follow a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. Participants are partners in the farm, sharing in the abundance of flowers that we grow. Your investment in the farm supports our early season work including ordering seeds, and getting beds ready for planting. 

SPRING FLING- sold out

-This biweekly CSA share runs for 8 weeks, beginning in late April, 2022

-Members receive flowers every other week, for a total of 4 bouquets over 8 weeks

-Spring blooming flowers include fragrant narcissi, speciality tulips, anemones, and highly coveted ranunculuses, the 'roses of spring'

-Flowers will be bundled either as straight bunches (bouquet made up of a single flower variety), or mixed bouquets (several types of flowers bunched together), depending upon what is currently in bloom

-Option for pick-up from a local small business, or porch delivery



-This biweekly CSA share runs for 12 weeks, beginning June 15 and wrapping up August 24 (final dates depend on Mother Nature and will be finalized on arrival of our first spring blooms) 

-Members receive flowers biweekly, for a total of 6 bouquets over twelve weeks

-Blooms will be bundled in mixed bouquets and will feature the best of our early and mid-summer flowers including ranunculus, snapdragons, zinnias, sunflowers, and scented foliage

-Biweekly bouquet pick-up will take place in Uxbridge on a weeknight evening (TBD).



-This weekly CSA share will span the month of September, 2022

-Members receive flowers weekly, for a total of 4 bouquets over four weeks.

-Blooms will be bundled in mixed bouquets and will feature our late summer queens of the garden, the dahlias! Other late season stunners include china asters, amaranth, strawflowers, and scented foliage.

-Weekly bouquet pick-up will take place on Wednesday evenings at The Second Wedge Brewing Co. located in downtown Uxbridge between 5-9pm.