Flower Calendar 

My interest in the meaning of flowers was ignited when, as a girl, my mother explained to me the meaning of my middle name; Iris. In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris used rainbows as a bridge to deliver messages between heaven and mortals. To include an iris in a bouquet represents 'a message sent.' I grew captivated by the nuanced language of flowers, which was popular in Victorian times, when discretion and subtlety were highly regarded and passions were communicated through the wearing and giving of flowers. 


Flowers being a charming and nuanced way of sending messages inspired the name Field Notes.

To give a flower is to send a message- be it of attraction, love, longing, comfort, togetherness, or the sharing of grief. When I look at a sea of flowers blooming in the garden, I think of a field of love notes, each with its own message to convey.


Here you will find a list of the flowers that we grow at our farm, and their meaning according to the language of flowers. I hope it may ignite your curiosity - and perhaps inspire your choice of flowers the next time you gift a bouquet.

-coming soon-