Weddings & Special Events


Our wedding florals are a wonderful fit for the couple who feel a deep connection to nature and wish to have unique, beautiful, and personalized event flowers. Our floral design is inspired by the lush, textural, and organic style of flowers as they grow in nature; untamed, loose, and romantic. 

We provide  'A La Carte' design services, a wonderful choice for those who desire beautiful and eco-conscious floral design, but who do not require large arrangements or on-site set-up. Our floral event menu includes options for hand-held bouquets and wearable flowers, as well as centrepieces. 


From sowing seed for your wedding flowers to the final design work, we are passionate about the environment. Putting the earth first is at the heart of our growing and design philosophy; we do not use floral foam and limit the use of plastics and single-use items. Floral materials are both grown and composted at our farm, and we only utilize seasonal, locally grown materials in our designs.


Please contact us well in advance of your event for availability and further details. We look forward to hearing from you!