Field Notes is a small family farm specializing in growing & arranging vibrant, lush flowers using ecological practices that support environmental stewardship.

Nestled in the hillsides of rural Uxbridge, our farm is dedicated to growing flowers and foliage in harmony with the seasons, from ruffly irises in springtime to eye-popping dahlias through autumn. 

The farm is located about 60 minutes from Toronto, on the top of a hill North of Uxbridge, Ontario. The ten-acre property consists of a 1/8 acre field in flower production, meadow, and mixed pine forest. 

While my husband and I were both raised in suburban neighbourhoods, we have always felt a deep connection with nature and long dreamed of living in the country. One summer afternoon we drove from Toronto to visit my in-laws when we saw a rural property for sale at the top of breezy hill. I urged my husband to stop the car and scrawled a letter to the owners on the back of an envelope I hastily found in our glove box. In the heat of the moment I poured my heart into that note, describing my dream of raising flowers and our kids in the country. Somehow our stars aligned, and our offer on the farm was accepted. We packed up our two small children and moved in, our minds swimming with excitement

Happily, the property was previously used as a regenerative livestock farm. The first time we turned over the earth in the pasture and saw the soil, chocolate cake-like and abundant with earthworms, I did a misty-eyed happy dance in the field. Before unpacking the last of our boxes, we planted our first spring flowering bulbs.


Spring on the farm begins with a riot of colour in the field from our fragrant narcissi and specialty tulips, followed by delicate anemones and the highly treasured 'roses of spring,' ranunculi. Summer slowly unfolds with the arrival of old-fashioned favourites like calendulas and snapdragons. Later still, the field explodes into a rainbow of zinnias, sunflowers, and dahlias. Our hope in the next several years is to add a rich diversity of perennials with a focus on varieties native to our region. 


And more chickens. Because is a farm dream ever truly complete without them?

Our Philosophy

We feel fortunate and humbled to have the opportunity to grow flowers and share their beauty with others. As a first generation farm, we are constantly learning and seeking out ways to lower our environmental impact, from our practice in the field to our floral design. Our hope is to raise a farm business that contributes to our local economy and community in an enriching manner.

We strive to mimic nature in our farm practices, including limiting our tillage of the earth, growing crops organically without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and focusing on adding plants that are native to our region. Our goal is to bolster the ecological resiliency of local species, and to build healthy soil life, which in turn results in an abundance of beautiful blooms that are in harmony with the changing seasons.


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